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Emilie Duval Retour


Née en 1974 à Paris. Vit et travaille à Houston

Born in 1974. Lives and works in Brussels.


My work associates paintings, sculptures, installations and videos. With an open and boundless approach, I propound an entirely borne perception of our welfare states.
Since 2005, I studied the economical matter in our societies. 6 years ago I moved to the US and I have been amazed by the way people were spending money without any regards for the real value of the products they bought. Whether it was houses, televisions, cars or financial products, the value of goods did not matter because everything could be purchased with credits.
I started to create paintings about money, Credit History in 2006 to acknowledge that spending money went too far. Following this series, I studied memories into structured financial environments to explore why societies have the tendency to forget the past and recreate a new reality of it. My reflection has been translated into the Series, Hide and Scratch. I was captivated by the fact that everything was too good to be true and will soon disappear.
In 2008, from the economical matter and his fall, I moved onto the political consequences of the economic collapse and created the series, Slightly Reasonable to explore the notion of protectionism (physically and economically speaking).
My work is always nourished by laws and regulations which are often hidden behind political interventions and despotisms.
More recently 2010 - 2011, I extended the series, Extremely Unlikely (2005), to link the human nature to regulations and study the upcoming second economical downturn. Financial organized structures became bigger than ever and are on the brink of self destruction due to their complex organization.
I jump from one series to another to develop and adapt its thematic to the current situation. The light colors, lines, and manufactured style of the sculptures and paintings are used to enhance the standardization of thinking. They are a perfect product of consumption with an approach which points toward the near future. The videos are the personalization of the thematics developed in the paintings and sculptures.


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Expositions récentes

MKG Gallery - Houston , TX - October
Hunting Art prize - finalist - Houston, TX
Urbane Gallery - Dallas, TX - May
Darke Gallery - Houston, TX - March

White Box - SanctionedArray - New York
Bemis Art Center - Art Auction - Omaha, NE
Hunting Art prize - finalist - Houston, TX
The West Los Angeles College - The artist guide to the L.A. Galaxy
The Livingroom, Salt Lake City, UT - Bunnies

Hunting Art prize, Finaliste, Houston

Houston center for Photography, Viewfinder Houston, Video
Structures, Bering & James Gallery, Houston, TX
Opening at Salud, Houston, TX

Stars and Spheres, Fleishman-Hillard, Williams Tower Houston, TX
Five x Seven, Art Jones Center, Austin TX
Texas Biennial, Dougherty Art Center, Austin TX
Newspace Center for Photography, Portland, OR

Synesthesia, Lester Marks House, Houston, TX
The Big Show, Lawndale Art Center, Houston TX
Art Jones Center "New American Talent", Austin, USA

Scope avec Parisud Gallery, Miami, USA
Scope avec Parisud Gallery, Londres, GB
Pitch/LAS Galerie Accrochage sur demande, Paris,

LAS Galerie Democracies, Paris, FRANCE
2005 50ième Foire d'Art Contemporain, Montrouge, FRANCE

ArtGénération, Paris, FRANCE
Foire d'Art Contemporain "Les inattendus", Paris, FRANCE

Kollectieve Kunst Tentoonstelling, Anvers, BELGIQUE


2007 New American Paintings, Western Region #72
2007 Cantanker, Michelle Dewey, March 2007
2007 Texas Biennial, Exhibition Catalog
2006 New American Talent, Art Jones Center, Exhibition Catalog
2005 Democracies, Lionel Aymeric Simon, June 2005
2004 50TH Contemporary Art Fair of Montrouge, Exhibition Catalog